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Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood

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Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association (TTNA) is one of 13 neighborhood associations in Old Louisville and takes its whimsical name from the "Toonerville Trolley" comic strip based on the short Brook Street Line that ran from 1915 until 1930. TTNA’s boundaries of First, Brook and Floyd Streets from Kentucky Street to Hill Street and all adjacent cross streets make it the largest association geographically within the Old Louisville historic district, which currently boasts the largest collection of Victorian-era buildings in the nation. 

TTNA’s primary goals include:

  • Unifying residents and business owners.

  • Beautification efforts.

  • Neighborhood improvement with respect to traffic flow and design, high quality police and fire protection, zoning and enforcement.

  • Preserving the neighborhood’s historic and architectural character.

  • Fostering a cooperative community spirit in the area with other neighborhood groups in the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council, and throughout the city.

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